Silk Duvet For DoDo

Our silk duvets are just as perfect for children and young people as for adults.

Naturally hypoallergenic... no more sweaty and uncomfortable nights and you can wave goodbye to bed bugs.

Two sizes and densities of silk to choose from, all equipped with attractive knot fastenings to allow for density modulation. 

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Silk Duvets Waiting For Alice...


100% natural silk created from streched silk cocoons (long threads).
Creation of the filling by successive layers of hand-stretched silk.
This savoir-faire guarantees the homogeneity of the silk filling over the whole surface of the duvet.
It guarantees also the firm placement of the filling inside the interior of the duvet.
A zip fastening, on the side of the duvet, allows the custoumer to control the quality of the silk.


100% ivory satin cotton with fine piping and knot fastenings in grey taupe.
There is light quilting to enhance the quality of the silk.


The silk in our duvets traps the transpiration emitted by the body during the night and releases it into the room's atmosphere.
This property  prevents the developpement of bacteria and bed mites and permits the silk to regulate the body's temperature,
wich in turn gives the effect of warmth in winter and coolness in summer.


We recommanded that you regularly air your duvet (out direct sunlight). The use of a duvet cover will prolong the life of your duvet.
In case of spot stains on the outer layer, you can use a mild detergent or a mild anti-stain product.
If the whole of the outer layer requires cleaning, entrust it to a dry cleaning professional.
The whole immersion of the duvet in water will deteriorate the silk and diminish its properties.


Our duvets are presented in a jersey cotton bag, pratical to transport and stock your duvet or for any other use you can think of !

Our duvets conform to the recurrent European legislation and norms applied to in France according to decree 2000 - 164 from 23 july 2000.



advice for choosing a silk duvet


We hope that this advice helps you choose the duvet and the density of silk that is right for you.
Howerver, should you require further information or advice, dont't hesitate to contact us.
We will be happy to help.



what size to choose duvet ?


We hope that thid advice helps you choose the size duvet that is right for you.
However, should you require further information or advice, don't hesitate to contact us.
We will be happy to help.

Data sheet

Silk density200, 400 ou 600 gr/m2
Filling100% long threads of silk for a better thermo regulation
Outer Layer100 % soft satin cotton
QuiltingLight quilting to avoid thermic breaks
PropertiesThermo regulation, and naturally hypoallergenic


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