3 friends...3 girls in the wind…of Brittany. 

Together, we have created this poetic and cocooning collection,
at the end of the world, in Finistère, France…

Estelle, linkes by her family history with China who brought over her first silk
duvets ten years ago. She has continued to adapt, for us all, an ancient savoir-faire
wich has remains artisanal.

Patricia, with her extensive experience in textiles, has dreamed for many years
of a perfect bed linen, wich is a welcoming and inviting as a soft nest. 

Mélanie, a little bit romantic but also pratical and modern, has dispersed over the collection a new nomadic spirit of those who travel often.


Our friendship, of course, as well as the incredible energy of the sea, the wildness of the landscape that surrounds us, the constantly changing skies above us and the chill of the wind... 

So we know very well the pleasure of cocoonig ourselves when we get home… !